Top 10 best YouTube alternative-new creators must love it

top 10 best YouTube alternative for you-new creators must love it

Need of YouTube alternative

YouTube is the largest video sharing platform in the globe. It is ranked as the 2nd most used search engine after its parent company google.

YouTube is created in February 2005 by 3 e employee of pay pal. But in 2006, YouTube was bought by Google in $1.65 billion.

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But today I am not here to talk about what YouTube is and how it evolves during past years.

In recent days, YouTube has changed. It is no longer a profitable one for YouTube creators. And most of the creators and viewers search for an alternative for you tube which can give them a definite monthly income and not as strict as YouTube.

In the past year many video streaming platform has launched like Facebook watch, Igtv, tiktok etc and which are very user friendly.

If we talk about paid streaming platform like Netflix, Hulu and amazon prime video, they are very popular among users.

From all this platforms either free or paid YouTube is getting a huge competition and as it is seen from the following graph that the popularity of YouTube is falling down regularly, while other platforms are growing very fast rate.

YouTube traffic analytics
YouTube traffic analytics

Now let’s come to the main part. Which one is the best YouTube alternative platform for creators and viewers ?

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Here in the article I give you a list of my handpicked top and best video streaming platform and it is up to you which one you choose.

At the I will reveal what is my personal favorite and what I recommend to the budding creators. So make sure to read till the end.

1. Facebook watch:

Facebook watch is a video streaming platform by Facebook. This is launched in 2018 to compete with YouTube. Let’s have a quick look on its pros and cons

Facebook watch YouTube alternative


  • It is a very new platform by Facebook. The visibility of any videos in Facebook is very good as Facebook is now pushing video content.
  • Facebook Watch is very helpful for its creators. Its payout is very high in comparison to YouTube and you can earn a lots of money from Facebook watch.
  • The required criteria for publishing video in this platform is very minimal. You should have just a Facebook page and you are good to go.
  • The main plus point of Facebook watch is that if you are already a YouTube creators and you have a lots of videos, then you can upload the same video file to Facebook watch. There is no any copyright issue in this. But please don’t spam.
  • This platform is integrated with the main Facebook application. As Facebook has more than 2 billion of daily active users, the views and watch time will be far more better than YouTube.


  • The eligibility criteria for Facebook watch monetization is very high. You should have 10,000 page likes and at least 30,000 1-minute views on videos that are at least three minutes long in the last 60 days.For new creators it can take almost a year to make that amount of page likes.
  • If you want an article about how to make your Facebook page grow and make it monetisation enable, let me know in the comment section below.
  • The video ratio is in square format. So it will we very difficult for vloggers to show a landscape view in this small(1:1) aspect ratio.
  • The UI of Facebook watch is not that great as YouTube.

2. Igtv:

Igtv is a video sharing platform by Instagram. It is launched in 2018. Until Igtv has launched, Instagram allows to publish only 1 min long video in its feed. But to inspire budding video creators, it launched Igtv features in the Instagram app. Let’s talk about its pros and cons.

igtv a YouTube alternative


  • Igtv is very unique than traditional video streaming platform. The videos in the igtv is in the aspect ratio of 18:9 and it is a vertical one. It means that you have to capture your video in vertical aspect to upload in igtv. Which is more mobile friendly than others.
  • As it is integrated inside the Instagram app so it is more visible to viewers than YouTube.
  • You don’t have to make a different channel or page for uploading your content. If you have one Instagram I’d and a few amount of followers then it is enough to upload your content and all your followers can see it by clicking Igtv button.
  • It can play in the background unlike other video streaming services which is much helpful.
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  • Until now it has no any earning model for creators.
  • It’s vertical aspect ratio make some trouble in video editing because all video editing softwares are made to edit horizontal videos.
  • The navigation in Igtv is Messy and not very user friendly.
  • This is not very popular among people. I personally not a fan of Igtv.

3. Tiktok (formerly musically) :

Tiktok is something different from other streaming services. In this platform you have to lip sync songs and dialogues and make a short video of it. Among the young generation it is very popular than YouTube and Facebook watch. Let’s talk about its pros and cons.

tik tok logo


  • Tiktok is very promising among new creators.
  • People love funny and lip sync videos in tiktok.
  • This platform grows in a very rapid rate.
  • The UI of the app is very good.
  • Creators get paid by its feature called lively.
  • Video creation in Tiktok is very easy and convenient because it has built in video editor in the app.


  • The main cons of Tiktok is that the video content are not very logical and usually funny type.
  • The age group above 25 don’t like Tiktok. It is popular only among teenager.

4. Daily motion:

Dailymotion is not a new platform. It is very similar with YouTube. The UI is like almost copied from YouTube. Let’s discuss about its pros and cons:


  • Dailymotion is very similar with YouTube. So users can easily used to Dailymotion and enjoy the content.
  • The community guidelines and copyright laws are not harsh as YouTube. Therefor it should be a good YouTube alternative.
  • You can earn a fair amount of money by uploading your content in dailymotion.
  • You can also sale your videos to users. This will increase your revenue.
  • There is know any minimum subscriber and minimum views rule like YouTube in it.
  • If you are a blogger and you have a text based content like me, You can also earn from dailymotion by simply embed its videos in your blog post.
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Although it is a very user friendly platform but it has some limitations.

  • It allows you to upload content of 4GB in size and 60 min in length.
  • The monthly visitor is low as compared to youtube and other platforms.
  • If you are a creator then you can get revenue share of only 50%.
  • Dailymotion is not very famous in regional languages. The main content language in dailymotion is in english.

5. Vimeo:

Vimeo is a very professional platform for creators. You can find professional songs and short-film type videos in vimeo. The interface is very clean. This is not a free Youtube alternative for creators. This is free-paid model in which you have to give money for uploading content more than 500 mb per week. Let’s discuss about its pros and cons:


  • Its guidelines are very strict and therefore viewers can see only neat and professional videos here.
  • The UI is very neat. So navigations are very easy.
  • It is a ad-free business model. It relies on donation and paid subscription. So you don’t have to phase any annoying ads here.
  • It supports 4k HDR videos.
  • If you are a budding movie or film creator you can share your work here.
  • The revenue system is very simple in vimeo. People can donate for your work in vimeo.
  • You can directly sell your videos or films in vimeo.
  • Unlike youtube, vimeo share 90% of the total revenue with its creators.


  • As the weekly limit is only 500mb, it is very less for creators.
  • It charges money from creators for uploading content more than 500 MB per week.
  • It’s guidelines are very strict and if anyone of its guidelines are violated, your video will be immediately removed.

6. Metacafe:

This is the oldest video streaming platform come into existence before YouTube in 2003. It is famous for its short 90 sec clips.


  • Metacafe offers to the point video without any nonsense.
  • Its clean UI can attract users very easily.


  • Now a days you can find only click-bait type video in Metacafe which is very annoying to users.
  • It is not very useful service for creators. If you want to time pass with some funny short videos, then you can checkout Metacafe.

7. Twitch:

Twitch is the direct competitor and alternative of YouTube gaming. It is mainly focused on gaming live stream and nothing else. But when YouTube come with its gaming live-stream service then the popularity of twitch is pale down a bit.


  • This is mainly a gaming live stream oriented platform. So you can checkout this website for gaming videos.
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  • The payout is less than YouTube earning.
  • You can’t backward a live-stream.
  • It is a little bit slower than YouTube.

8. Vevo:

Vevo is the music streaming platform. If you are a music lover then you will love it.


  • Vevo offers you a diverse amount of music videos.
  • The videos here are of very high quality.


  • The main cons of this site is that it lakes of diversities.
  • You can’t upload you own content in vevo.

9. Bit Chute

Bit Chute is something different than other YouTube  alternative as I discussed earlier. It depends on peer to peer connection among the users. The website of bit chute just make a path between the seeder and lecher.

All the processes of Bit Chute is work like torrent and so it is one of the most open platform when you can share anything without fearing copyright or community guidline rule like youtube.

Because of this reasons , it will become popular in western countries. If your videos are rejected by YouTube by some unknown reason then you should try Bit chute.

Above all this website there is far more YouTube alternatives exist in the web. I am trying to give the links of as many website as i can and in future when a found a newer one then I will add this in this list.

If you have any suggestions of YouTube alternative platforms then please comment and let me know.

Paid YouTube alternative:

There is some industry leading paid YouTube alternative aka video streaming platforms. The biggest name in this list is Netflix.

10. Netflix:

Netflix is a industry leading video streaming platform which is not only a YouTube alternative but also have potential to replace traditional satellite TV into a newer Netflix version. You can watch web-series and various movies on your demand. So it is also called video on demand service. Netflix make its original video content known as Netflix originals which is very famous among viewers and sometime it buys the streaming rights of various movies and web-series from other producers.

If you are a filmmaker of producer then you have a very good chance to release your movies through Netflix.

If your movie content is only for adults then you can phase a lot of rules and regulation. But you can release the same movie through Netflix without any such strict rules.

The main cons of Netflix is that the subscription price is very high for common peoples.

11. Amazon prime videos:

Amazon prime videos follow the same road as Netflix. It also hosts a lot of web series and movies and user can seamlessly enjoy all this videos with a monthly subscription fee.

The main plus point for Amazon prime video is that, it comes as a complimentary service with Amazon prime which also offers you same day delivery in amazon shopping site along with the subscription of amazon prime music and audible(a audio book service).

12. Hulu:

Hulu is another paid YouTube alternative for viewers. It is not very different than Netflix and amazon prime video. The method is simple. Pay its subscription and watch whatever content available you want.

My recommendation to you

Till now I have described most popular YouTube alternatives one by one. Do you want to know which one of my personal favorite?

I like Dailymotion for it’s not very strict rules and its monetization rules. It is very similar to YouTube and very user friendly. As i am a blogger, I have to embed videos in some of my posts.

I prefer to use dailymotion videos because it gives my some amount of money for sharing its content.

From the paid YouTube alternative part, I choose Netflix because of its huge collection of movies and web-series.

Bonus tips:

Do you know the hack I used to watch Netflix?

We 4 friends take the most premium plan which supports 4 screen and split the bills equally among us. From that way, we managed to watch Netflix in 4K in the cheapest rate.

All the YouTube alternatives I have discussed earlier (except the paid one) if you have a good following or fan base you can earn a huge amount money by sponsorship.

The main requirement to earn money in this digital world is that you should have a lot of loyal followers. If you can fulfill this criteria then trust me no one can stop you from making money. It doesn’t depend which platform you choose.

I want to know which platform do you choose from this list? Let me know in the comment below.

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