How to remove spam links from google(step by step guide)

how to remove spam links from google

Is your website in trouble because of spam links and you want to know how to remove them from your website? Then you are in the right place.

I was also in trouble because of spam backlinks and trying to find some way to get rid of it. At that time suddenly Google release an algorithm update (Penguin). According to this update Google penalise all those websites which has unnatural backlinks and spam links.

Because of this algorithm update, some of my websites was disappeared overnight from the search result. Think what was my condition at that time. Then I searched for how to remove spam links from Google and find some very helpful  way to remove all bad backlinks from my website.

In this article I am going to share all those tips I know to get remove spam backlink from google.

What are Spam links or toxic links?

Spam links and toxic links are two different terms. Some blogger assume it to be same but it is not.

Spam links are generated from private blog networks or some other spam websites to make dofollow backlinks to a website such that the domain authority of a domain will become very high.

Toxic backlinks are generated from  some bad reputed website like porn website or other illegal websites. This is a very serious issue if you have such links and it can hurt you very badly in a long run.

Why it is very important to remove spam links from google?

Spam and unnatural links building practice now fall under blackhat SEO. If Google find that you are using such type of SEO technique then your site may be penalised and your years of hard work will make no sense.

We all know that backlinks are very important in the case of ranking in search results. So some blogger doesn’t have enough patients to let their blog grow naturally and practice some unethical means like buying backlink from others or make a network of blogs and share backlinks from one to another. Because of such practice, these websites appear more authoritative in a short period of time.

This unnatural growth send a signal to Google and when Google find you are guilty, you are penalized and your site will never make high authority in Google search algorithm.

Google is a customer centric website and it want to give the best information present in the web to its user in a single click. If your website has a lot of backlink but your content sucks then your bounce rate and exit rate will be very high. You know what does it means? You are directly fallen from your position.

Enough of talking for now. Till now you can make an overall idea what is spam links and why it is very important to remove from your website for good. Let’s learn how to remove spam links from Google in step by step process. I am trying to make the steps very simple as I can. If you don’t get it right them comment down below. I am here for helping you.

how to remove spam links from google?

This process contains 8 steps that contain a detail and in-depth explanation of each steps. Here no prior experience required because I am writing this backlink audit guide for very beginners. Make sure to follow all the steps without skipping.

Step1: Log in to your Google search console

Google search console is previously known as Google webmaster tool. If you are using this tool for the first time then you have to  login with your G-mail Id.

After log in varify your website by placing a meta tag provided by Google search console inside <head> tag and click on varify.

When your property (website) is verified then you are good to go.

If you stuck on setting up your search console then you can go through this article.

Step2: Navigate to Links option

After successful login, click on the link option in your dashboard as shown in the picture.

how to find out who is linking to your website using Google search console step 2

Here you can find a whole bunch of links of your website.

You can see external links, Internal links, Top linking pages and sites and top linking text (anchor text).

We want only external links of your website because spam links are external links.

Step3: Export external links

Click on the export external links from the top right corner and opt to latest links. This will give you a list of website link that are linking with your website. Download the file as google sheets. It will help us in future.

Now you have to sort the links because all links are not bad and deleting all links (include good or bad) may decrease your domain authority page authority.

Now the million dollar question is how to sort your backlinks in between good and spam links? Here we use 2 types of sorting. One is automatic and another is manual. Take both step one after another.

Step4: Automatic sorting of spam links

For this task I personally use Semrush. This is great tool for Keyword researching and backlink analysing. You can also use this tools for better result in your blogging carrire insted of inversing in somewhere else. This tool can make your work very easy. Lets see how.

  • Let us assume that your website is Put this domain name inside the search bar and press start now. Then you can see the whole demographic of this domain.
  • Then click on Backlink option present on the left-hand side and you can see a full backlink overview of any domain. Semrush also breakdown backlink data in a graphical way. Which looks very user-friendly. Then again click on the backlink option on the top bar.
how to find out who is linking to your website using semrush backlink
  • Now you find a huge list of backlinks of your site. If you have paid subscription then you can export the whole list as Microsoft Excel file or CSV file. If you don’t have paid subscription then you can get data of only 10 backlinks.
  • Semrush give a page score in a 100 point scale to every backlink depending on the quality of backlink and how many visitors are coming through this link. The page score says a lot about a backlink. When you click on the PS (Page score) one time, it will automatically make the backlink list in ascending order of page score. It means lower page score website appears on the top of the list.
  • Trust score is very much related to Page score. If the trust score of a website is lower than 10, then this backlink may be suspected as spam. But it is very relative to your site. If the trust score of your own website is 10 then the link that has trust score 10 is not spam. Rather this link will help you in ranking.
  • Now simply export the data as excel sheet and open it in Microsoft Excel. If you are not good in excel then don’t worry. Semrush has a built-in option to make your spam link list effortlessly. Just follow the step one by one.
  • Using Semrush to make spam link list: Click on the plus icon present at the right-hand side corresponding to each link and add all the suspected spam link in disavow list. You can add the links in the disavow list just as a single URL or the entire domain. If links from a single domain appear again and again then you should select the entire domain in the disavow list. This can save a lot of your time. Then click on the disavow list option and export as .txt file.
how to remove spam links from google using semrush
  • Using Microsoft Excel to make spam link list: Open your exported backlink list on Microsoft Excel and click on “format as table”. After that, You can use the drop-down option on the page score or trust score and select the lowest scores according to your needs. If your site has a domain authority of 50 then you should exclude the sites having a trust score less than 10. You can use the following table to see what should be the trust score of your spam links.
  • Then copy all the spam links you have sorted till now from the automatic process and paste one by one in a notepad, one link in one line and save the notepad as .txt format. We have to upload this to Google in the future.

Step5: Manual method to sort spam links

  • Open the google sheet that you have downloaded from the search console previously.
  • Go to the Small seo tool and paste your backlinks one by one. Small seo tools supports upto 50 domain one time. So you have to put groups of 50 link at a time. You can get the domain authority and page authority of every links from this tools. If some of your links has a very low to no authority then those link may be grouped as suspicious links for further analysis.
  • If you have thousands of backlinks then this manual methods may seems like irritating and very time consuming. So I prefer to use get a subscription of Semrush and do all the tedious job of spam link sorting in just some single steps.

Step6: Further analysis of suspected spam links.

  • Now open your browser and put all the spam links you have sorted so far in your search tab and visit all the site one after another.
  • If any site contains porn content, Violence content, viruses or some irritating redirects to other harmful websites then sorted them in a new .txt document. The sites which are passed in this test group them as fewer spam links.
  • .txt document can be made by notepad software. This software comes preinstalled with windows operating system.

Step7: Contact the webmaster

  • Find the contact details of each of the webmasters from their spam websites. You can usually get the contact details in the about us page or contact us page.
  • If any website don’t contain such type of page then you can find their address from a process called whois lookup. The process is very simple.
  • Search for the term Whois and click any of the website from the search result or you can directly visit and enter the domain name.
  • Then you can find all the details of this domain with the registrar information.
  • After finding the contact info send Emails to all the webmasters for remove your website link from their site. You have to send a huge amount of mails if you have a lots of spam links in your site.
  • Don’t threaten the webmaster to remove your links. Instead of this politely tell them to remove your links.

If you are stuck to find out what should be write in the Emails then this is a standard Email template for your help. You can simply copy and paste this Email template.

“Hi [Webmaster name]
Recently I have done my backlink audit and find that This page of your website [Give the spam page link] is linking to my this article or page [Your page or post link] with anchor text [put the anchor text]
I have found that your link makes a bad effect on my website and seriously I can’t afford it. I will be obliged if you kindly remove my website link from your website.
I am waiting for your positive reply.
Thanks. Have a good day.
[Your name]
[your web address]”

Step8: Use Google disavow tool

When google releases its penguin update then it harmed all the websites that have unnatural backlinks or a huge amount of spam links. So every website did a complete backlink audit and tried to remove the effect of all the spam links from their sites.

But the process of contacting all the webmasters and said them to remove links is not very practical. Even if you are trying your best to remove all the links about the complete cleaning is not possible.

To solve this problem google introduce its disavow tool to help webmasters.

But as a disclaimer google said that You have to try your best to remove spam links. This is not enough to simply disavow spam backlinks and don’t put any effort clean them. Let’s see how to use Google disavow tool step by step.

  • Sign in with your Gmail account. Make sure you have connected your website with Google search console or google webmaster tool.
  • Click on the disavow button.
how to remove spam links from google using google disavow tool
  • A popup appears and there you have to upload your .txt file which contains all of your spam links and click on submit and done.
  • Make sure to add one domain in one line. You can also use # tags to write comments about the spam links. The crawler will read only links not the comments. let’s take an example.

#Contact this webmaster earlier but he didn’t reply
#This is a spammy website

Now, Let’s discuss some Frequently asked questions that seem to clear your doubts more effectively about How to remove your spam links from google.

FAQ(Frequently asked questions)

Q.1 Can backlink hurt your site?

If you have good backlink from high authority site or you have some quality referring domains then this will help you in the search ranking and can increase your Domain authority and trust score.

On the other hand if your backlinks come from some creepy and spammy websites then it will harm your website instead of helping. So it is good to follow my steps and remove spam links from Google.

Q.2 Should you disavow links?

If your links come from some creepy and spammy websites then you have to disavow these links using google disavow tool. But prior to this you have to contact the webmasters and tell them to remove your links. As per google only disavow links is not enough to get rid of spammy links.

Q.3 How do I remove toxic links?

You can remove the toxic links by contacting the webmasters of those toxic links and tell them remove your site link from their website. You can also disavow toxic links by simply using google disavow tool.

Q.4 How do you disavow links?

You can Disavow links by using google disavow tool and upload a txt file that contain all the links you want to disavow. But as per google you have to contact the webmasters of those links and tell them to remove your website link form their site.

Q.5 How long does it take to disavow links?

The .txt file that contain the links that should be disavowed can be submitted directly using Google disavow tool. It is upto google how frequently it crawl your website and fetch new data of your website in its database. It usually take 3 days to 6 days. If you have a very big website with thousands of pages , It can take longer.

Q6. What does Google’s link disavow tool do?

Google’s link disavow tool simply not take into account the links you have submitted as disavowed. This will help you to get rid of spam links.

Now you have successfully completed all the steps one by one and remove all the spam links from Google. Within a few days, Google recrawls your website and find a clean backlink profile of your website. This can boost your search ranking and help to increase your domain authority.

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