A complete guide to find out who is linking to your website

how to find out who is linking to your website

If you are a blogger then sometime you want to know that How to find out who is linking to your website, right?

Sometime earlier I also face that issue and searching the internet to get a solution regarding this issue. But many bloggers talking about the high price tools like ahref, Semrush or Moz.

As i am a new blogger like you I don’t have much money to invest on those backlink checker tools.

We all hear at least once in a lifetime (Jocking) that necessity is the mother of invention. So I finally find a way to check who is linking to my website and in this article, I want to share this method with you.

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So let’s directly jump into the solution.

How to find out who is linking to your website

  • Step1: Go to the google search console and login with your Gmail account.
  • Step2: Click on the Links button on the left side.
  • Step3: Here you can see the data of External link for your post, Internal link in your website, top linking page and also top linking text which is nothing but the anchor text of the link.

Let’s discuss the Whole process in detail. If you don’t have already signup for Google Search console then you will learn this process also.

Step1: Log in to google search console

Go to the Google search console and click on Start now.

how to find out who is linking to your website using Google search console

Then a popup will appear and Login with your Gmail account. If you don’t have any Gmail account create one.

After log in, put your website name in the site url space then click on add property.

Remember, Site name should be given in the full format with proper subdomain if you have. Let’s take an example.

My site is trybloggingtools.com. So I have to write my site url as https://trybloggingtools.com.

If your site have a www subdomain then make sure to add this in the site url as https://www.yourwebsite.com.

Then you have to verify your property (your site). You can do it in 5 ways.

  • HTML file: You have to go to your hosting C-panel and upload an html file on the public.html folder. If you host your website in Google Blogger then this option is not practical for you.
  • HTML tag: You can varify your site by simply add a meta tag on your site homepage. This is my favourite option. If you are using wordpress then go to your dashboard and then select Themes>editor>header.php. Then just find the <head> tag and place the html code just below it. You can use ctrl+F to search <head> tag inside a web page.
  • If you are using Blogger then simply go to themes>Edit HTML and find <head> tag. You can also use Ctrl+F to find this tag and paste the html tag after <head> tag.
  • Google Analytics: If you have already integrated google analytics with your website then it will be very easy for you. Just make sure that your google analytics meta tag contains gtag.js and then go to google analytics and give all the permission required to verify your site and you are good to go. You can find more about here.
  • Google tag manager: You must use the Google tag manager to use this feature.
  • Domain name provider: for this you have to go your domain name provider and edit your DNS settings. The DNS settings can take 24 hours to show its result. So i don’t prefer this method.

You can choose anyone of these.

After verification You are land on your Google search console dashboard.

Step2: Click on the link option

Simply go for the link option on the left-hand side. If you don’t see any option like “links” that is shown in the picture then make sure to click on the 3 dash icon (Located on the top left corner) to access the toolbar.

how to find out who is linking to your website using Google search console step 2

Step 3: Visualise the data

After clicking on the link button you can see many tabs like External links, Internal links, Top linking page and top linking text. Let’s discuss in brief about this terms.

External links: External links are the link of your site that is present on other website. This is also called backlink. You can see how many website linking to your website and who are them. You can get a direct link of the other website from this tab.

Internal links: When you are writing your article, sometime you link to your own post or pages. This is called interlinking.

how to find out who is linking to your website using Google search console step 3

Top linking pages: This short your posts or pages in decreasing order of how many links each of your page or post get.

Top linking text: When anyone writes an article and put your site link into it then they paste your link on a text. This text is called anchor text. In HTML it looks like this <a href=”trybloggingtools.com”>my website</a>. Here “My website” is called anchor taxt and you can see only this text while reading the post. But when you click in it you are redirected to trybloggingtools.com. Top linking text show you that what text is mostly used to link your website.

So this is the process to how to find out who is linking to your website. And most importantly it is free. I know it matters a lot for new budding bloggers.

Remember one thing. This tool is not very accurate and updated. Sometimes it will give you some data which are not so realistic. So don’t believe blindly on any tools out there in the market.

It is very important to know the real data of which site linking to your website and we can do it by simply comparing the link list from many tools (free or paid) and by using your intelligence you can get the correct list.

Now I tell you about a bunch of other tools that you can use to do the same job and comparing its result with Google search console.

Important tools to find out who is linking to your website


Semrush is a premium Seo tool and one of my favorite. In addition to all the features here you can also check who is linking to your competitor’s site, how many traffic they get, what are there popular keywords and many more. I personally use this tool for keyword research and find my competitors. This tool helps me a lot to make my traffic grow exponentially. Isn’t it awesome. The step involved in using of this website is also very simple.

  • Step1: Go to Semrush and enter your domain or your competitors domain and click on start now.
how to find out who is linking to your website using semrush
  • Step2: If a register window come up then you should login with your email id and get 10 search result. After that you have to pay for it. If you have a big dream you should invest on your dreams. Isn’t it?
  • Step3: Here in the image you can see all the data in charts and graph from related to a domain. To find out who is linking to your site click on the backlink option and you can a see a list of site who link to your website, wheather it is dofollow or nofollow and all the demographics in a single page.
how to find out who is linking to your website using semrush backlink
  • Step3: Then compare it with your google search console data and short the matching one.

After all that steps you can finally get a full proof list of  the final websites that link to your website.

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Why it is important to find who is linking to your website:

If you have a long term vision then will be very sensitive on who is linking to you and why. One can do negative SEO on your website or bad backlinking which may hurt you in the future. If you are not aware in this case then it might make a huge impact on your search traffic and your site reputation in long run.

What is negative SEO or bad backlinking

Backlink play a major role in SEO. You can rank very well if you have some quality backlink in your site.

But sometimes your competitors can put your website link on bad website like porn websites or other notorious sites. If Google finds your link on these sites then it thinks that you are connected with those sites and you are not trustable. So Google may never rank your site on the first page.

Also abnormal link building is fall under Blackhat SEO. let’s take an example. If your website is 1 year old and you have millions of backlink. Is it possible? Google is very smart to find such type of Blackhat practice. So bad backlinking may increase your rankings for a shorter period but in long run you are badly hurt by Google’s algorithm update.

Do’s and don’ts to avoid bad backlinking

In the past I am facing this issue for which my website traffic is decreased by 50%. I don’t find any way to rid out of this problem. After months of research and trying a lot of SEO tools to monitor my website finally I get my answer and now I am going to share these tips with you.

how to find out who is linking to your website using semrush backlink
  • I personally use a premium semrush tool to monitor my website traffic, backlink, my keyword research, and all those stuff what a blogger need. It is an amazing tool which helps me to get out of bad backlinking and negative SEO.
  • Periodically observe your site backlinks to see who is linking to you and visit those site once. If you find any malicious activity then tell the author of the site to remove your link from his website.
  • See the anchor text. This is very important. If your text is always similar to your keywords then Google thinks that you are practicing black hat SEO and then your site may not rank well.
  • Always maintain the ratio of do follow and no follow links. It may be 50% but not more than that.

Now you are ready to maintain your website health and make a long time success in blogging field. Always remember one thing, don’t let anyone to make a single scratch on your website. This is your property. Use the online tools available to check every aspects of your website and invest a little to make history in the future.

You have a bright future ahead. Keep working.

If you have any query then ask in the comment section below.

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Let me know what tool you are going to use now form my recommendation?

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